sex testing in the 1936 olympics

The 1936 Olympics in Berlin were perhaps the most controversial of all time, hosted as they were in fascist Nazi Germany. But behind this controversy there is another story that is less well known: these Olympics were the first time that an athlete was ‘tested’ for their biological sex.

This, the second episode of Credible/Incredible, traces the interweaving stories of three athletes who were subject to suspicion or accusations about their biological sex. The amazing lives of these athletes all cross paths at the 1936 Olympics.


The Life and Times of Michel Thomas

A famous polyglot and language teacher, Michel Thomas laid claim to a number of remarkable exploits, from smuggling Jews out of Vichy France during World War 2 to discovering evidence that was instrumental in the Nuremberg Trials. But his life story wasn’t believed by everyone, and after losing a defamation lawsuit against a journalist who disputed his claims, Michel’s version of events was cast into doubt.

In this first episode of Credible/Incredible, Jim and James investigate Michel Thomas’ remarkable life story and try and answer the question: is he credible, or incredible?

Music by Dan Dale.